Innovation at Voort Chrysanten

In our nursery we have been growing the variety Zembla since 2002. Later we have added the varieties VIP and PIP. We are growing more or less 10 million stems on a surface of 36.000 square meters on a yearly basis. Our goal is to cultivate our flowers as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

Environmentally friendly
Our awareness of the environment means that we work with MPS Certification. MPS encourages corporate social responsibility and sustainable production in the international horticulture sector.
This incorporates: registration of and having monitored fertilizers, energy, pesticides and water streams.

In pest control the environment plays an important role. That's why we use in our warehouses several natural enemies for pest control.
By using these natural enemies we can limit the use of chemical plant protectors. This is called integrated plant protection.

We also aim to deliver a top quality product. We at Voort Chrysanten are always striving to deliver our varieties Zembla white and Zembla Sunny year round as 'pure quality'. That's why in 2009 we invested in centre lighting and have extended tot 130 micro mol equal to 9.600 lux. With this level of lighting we can also give our varieties the 'pure quality' label during the dark winter period.

To supply energy to all this lighting, Voort Chrysanten, uses cogeneration. This gas engine has an electrical power of 1.2 Megawatt.
The cooling water of this engine is being stored and re-used to heath the warehouses. The gas that the cogeneration produces, is being cleaned out environmentally friendly by an catalyst. Subsequently the cleaned out gas can be used to support the growth of the chrysanthemums, by being blown into the warehouse as carbon dioxide.

Besides that, several parts of our company are sustainably finance and certified. SGS, the worldwide certification organization is monitoring our company on a yearly basis.

Solar panels:
The roof of our business we have asbestos removal and for this let assemble in place sandwich insulation panels and solar panels serving the own energy supply.

Corporate Social Responsibility


MPS encourages Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable production in the international horticulture sector.

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