Voort Chrysanten = Quality

Vase life test

The positive selection remark "Vaselife tested" to appear on the clock?

This observation means that the flowers or plants regularly appear in the Product Quality Knowledge. With this choice remark let commanders see the trade that they completely stand behind their product.

The Product Quality Knowledge explores the sustainability, the opening of the flowers, preventing Botrytis and eg. The ornamental value of plants. The Product Quality Knowledgecenter looks at other quality aspects such as discoloration, leaf and stem quality.

A fixed range of a fixed group of leaders is in the Product Quality Knowledgecenter. We let our chrysanthemums test every 4 weeks vase life. Traders follow the results via the Internet or by visiting the Product Quality Knowledge.

Within 'Vaselife Tested "suppliers and buyers work together to enhance and visualize the quality of traded flowers and plants.
Vase life test set up by FloraHolland Aalsmeer in close collaboration with suppliers, buyers and the Association of Wholesalers in Horticultural Products (VGB).

Flower care advice for the consumer

  • Remove packaging material right away at home.

  • Use a clean vase with lukewarm water and possibly some flower food.

  • Remove leaves from the flower stem that are underneath the water in the vase.

  • Cut off 3 to 6 centimeters edgewise from the stem, so that the end of the stem doesn't touch the bottom of the vase. Chrysanthemums like a rather cool spot.

  • void direct sunlight and draught.

  • Remove damaged or dying leaves and flowers.

  • Cut off every 4 to 5 days a small piece of the stem, this improves water absorption.

More information about chrysanthemums